TV Packages

Alternative Video Streaming Services

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Television Packages

Economy (Ch. 2-12) $38/mo.
Basic Cable (67 channels) $92.50/mo.
Basic Plus Cable Add $19/mo.

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Premium Channels

HBO $17.50/mo.
Cinemax $10.45/mo.
HBO & Cinemax $21.95/mo.
Starz $7.50/mo.
Encore $7.50/mo.
Starz & Encore $11.95/mo.
Showtime & Movie Channel $9.95/mo.

Equipment & Services

HD Tuner (per TV) $ 5/mo.
Whole Home DVR 500 GB $5/mo.
Whole Home DVR 1 TB $10/mo.

Epic App Packages                

Acclaimlite $43/mo.
(includes local channels)
Acclaimchoice $68/mo.
(includes local and lite channels)
Acclaimchoice+ $73/mo.
(includes local, lite and choice channels)

Prime $120/mo.
(includes local channels)

Prime+ $126/mo.
(includes local and Prime channels)

Prime Sports Package add $8/mo.
(includes NFL Network, RedZone and more)
Prime+ Sports Package add $6/mo.
(includes NFL Network, RedZone and more)

Premium Packages
Encore add $7/mo.
Showtime add $11/mo.
Starz add $12/mo.
Cinemax add $14/mo.
HBO add $20/mo.

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Additional Services

Amino Box (per TV) $ 5/mo.
Epic Box $5/mo.
CDVR (cloud DVR) $5/mo.
Additional Streams (up to 7) $1/mo. per stream