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Internet, TV and voice services through the fastest and most reliable network in the region.
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Who we are

NorthStream Fiber, powered by Roseau Electric Cooperative, operates a state-of-the-art fiber broadband network that provides access to the fastest and most reliable internet, TV and voice services.

In 2019, Roseau Electric personnel began installing a fiber-to-the-home system that will provide Roseau Electric members in designated service areas with up to one gigabit internet speeds – among the fastest available today. System construction, maintenance and customer service is provided by your local, trusted employees at Roseau Electric.

The start of this broadband initiative for your cooperative was made possible through federal grants and a partnership with Wikstrom Telephone Company of Karlstad, Minn.

The fiber can be buried to your home or business for a fee of $150. Internet packages will start as low as $45 per month. Service to the home has begun in some areas, while full coverage of the areas allotted to Roseau Electric will likely take several years to complete.

We are thrilled to begin this new venture with you, our members. Reliable internet service in our area will support community development, economic growth and educational opportunities for the next generation of members.

Who we serve

NorthStream Fiber will initially serve the region of Roseau County highlighted in blue, which will be constructed first through the Connect America Fund (CAF).

The remaining area within the red box will be served based on design and demand.

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